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Website hosting is one hyped topic of the present decade, maybe because this is the time when the websites are evolving like never before. And these days, blogging is a major earning source for many people working at home which takes place through blogging, affiliate marketing, or maybe getting ads on your website through some other methods. Whatever it is, the base element we need first is a website, and that needs to be hosted on a server. You spend your hard earned cash for hosting, so you definitely want something that is worth the money you spend. What are those hosting servers?

Well if you Google, you will find a plenty. But they aren’t all well worth your money. You will find that many of the hosting service providers will just take your money and provide you with a service you never would like to have. Who wants a server down all the time or too slow to reach a website? Nobody does, and that is why you really need a good server to rely on. Today, we are talking about JustHost hosting, a reputed hosting that you could get for low costs yet good service, and you can also avail JustHost coupon codes if you dig the internet which will let you avail their service for free.

Everything About JustHost :

It’s been a real long time since Justhost has made their first footprint in the web server hosting field. They have been providing this service since 1998, long before the internet actually started to get popular. They have designed their services in such a way so that the customers can avail their service at low and convenient rates. They have some hosting plans but like many other companies, they just don’t show up with plenty of options for, there’s an option where you get only one plan for everyone, if you want to avoid any confusions. JustHost has also been awarded for the excellence in providing hosting services; the awards are 2010’s Host of the Year award, Best Features award of 2009 and 2010’s Best Hosting Pick award. Isn’t that pretty awesome?

You can transfer a domain for free in the JustHost servers; also they provide you with options to host as much domains as you want in their server through a cPanel account. Their customer service is also good, they are always online that is 24/7 of 365 days and you get to ask their customer executives for help through email, chat and phone. The return policy allows you to get your money back, even if you have used the service for a few days you can get the remainder of your money back.

And which adds more to the awesomeness, the JustHost coupon codes gets you the service for discounted rates or even for free. Google and look for suitable JustHost Coupons offered by various websites, they would be helpful if you are subscribing to their service for the first time.

What are the advantages of Justhost?

JustHost knows how everyone looks for quality service in affordable costs and excellent services, and they have kept these facts in mind whilst designing their services. They are so committed to their customers and known as one best web hosting service ever out of a few. You get secure servers at low cost, 24x7 customer support and last but not the least, peace of mind because you don’t have to worry about anything with their service at all.

So what are the key advantages you get when you sign up for them? They are as below –

  • Fast setup, just go through a few process and it’s done.
  • Absolutely no hidden fees.
  • Domain transfer is free.
  • The disk space is literally unlimited.
  • MySQL Databases, you get an unlimited amount of that.
  • Easily manageable website through cPanle Account Control Panel.
  • Web hosting has never been so fun using PHP 5!
  • You can easily build your website with the pre-existing templates.
  • Upon purchasing their service, you get $50 Google and Myspace Ad credits and $25 Yahoo ad credits.
  • If you don’t like their service, just tell them and get all/partial amount of your money back, depending on when you are signing off.
  • Customer support is one of the best you have ever seen.
  • JustHost Coupons make your service subscription easier.

So that’s the key points. Let’s get to a bit more detailed explanations now.

Free Domain Registration :

Upon signing up for JustHost services, you get the freedom to register your domain names for free. And to make this more attractive, there’s no additional charges for the domain registration, it’s just absolutely free; doesn’t matter if you are paying the service fee in full or on a discount or maybe free because of a JustHost coupon.

Uptime – Optimum, most of the time

The servers are online and don’t really go off except there are some natural hazards or anything that forces to keep their server down. All the users’ domains are hosted on high end faster running processor servers and they actually monitor the network state for 24/7 and so if there’s any problem, the JustHost technical team just notices it within moments. These ensure the quality of the service and optimum server uptime.

Unlimited Domains:

JustHost doesn’t restrict you to a fixed number of domains; you can buy and subscribe to as many as you want. And the cPanel control interface makes this even better; you won’t have to go through painful processes to manage all your domains. Hosting all your domains on the same server saves you on costs and if you are planning for updates, you can do it conveniently.

Customer Friendly Customer Support :

JustHost has been able to make most of their customers happy about their service with their excellent customer service. Although most users wouldn’t be going through hassle or any troubles setting up their websites because the UI is simplified enough to make everyone understand all these technical stuff, but still if you don’t get anything just call them and get instant service! The customer services is provided through email, live chat and via telephone, just pick your convenient option.

JustHost Coupon Codes :

You can avail JustHost Coupons and JustHost coupon codes from various websites and get discounted rates on signing up for the web hosting services. The coupons are usually available for only a limited amount of time so hurry if you really want to avail coupons.

Wrap Up

If you are looking for reliable web hosting services, look no further. JustHost is good enough for most users!

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